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2017 - The Year Ahead

2017-10-11 02:28:32 by NickShadius

Crazy. Almost ten years on this site. While I haven't posted anything in Flash (because I suck at it and never pursued it enough), audio-making has been on hiatus (mainly because I've been unmotivated), I found that I can put all the art I have done over the last four years up here.
I've been doing #Inktober since... 2014? I believe. It was always my thought that only Wacom / Digital art was what was expected here... whoops.

Newgrounds is the one site I come back too, even after months, years even, and it always remained the same amazing site. I hope to be on it more often.


Nine Months Later.

2013-10-11 02:05:57 by NickShadius


I'm gonna try to make a promise to myself to visit this site more and all it's awesomeness. This site was part of my childhood that is almost gone, time to preserve it.

<3 ng

An Update (Ideas Appreciated)

2012-12-09 13:51:39 by NickShadius

I'm making four songs at the moment, but two of them I'll try to finish ASAP.
- *Clouds
- *I.H.T.F.S.W.G.Y.S.M.T.R.
- Fallen
- Majestic

* Ones I'll finish ASAP

Clouds is a sort of uplifting beat I guess. It kinda rings along the lines of So Intense.

The other one, which is short for "It's Hard to Forget Someone Who Gave You So Much to Remember" goes outside my style, so I'm trying something different. Tell me which one you'd like to hear first.

Criticism appreciated.

Please check out my audio if you'd like. :D

Back to NewGrounds

2012-12-07 12:33:11 by NickShadius

Pretty happy to be back here. Been so busy the past few months. I'll be uploading my audio I've made so please keep an eye out for it.

SPRY now out

2012-01-27 20:08:25 by NickShadius

First track of 2012 :D
Here it is

Comment, like, or if you don't like, just say so! I respect your opinion.

Available at Soundcloud as well.

Twitter = @Shadius_

I Haz A YouTube

2011-06-22 12:25:41 by NickShadius

My audio will be going there as well, feel free to visit :)


2011-06-21 01:11:12 by NickShadius

Is in the audio portal nao. Give it a listen if you'd like.

Merry Christmas!

2010-12-25 18:42:38 by NickShadius

Merry Christmas everyone! What did you all get?


2010-12-17 15:15:05 by NickShadius

Lolz at my skills.

I made a new audio submission, I'm really hoping for ACID again this Christams, and Flash.

Idk about my first flash, I can't find the drive, and without Flash, I cannot finish it.

Hey guys, how's it going?

My first flash, Stick Warrior's coming a long good, so is my other one...

Anyways, check this out, good song for coffee.

A Typical Day

Yeah, pretty good... so here's some links:

My DeviantArt

And by the way, this is sick, you have to check it out:

Epic Ness

Peace Out,
- Shadius