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Very good game!

I enjoy the idea of it, as well as the randomness and difficulty. It's truly a game that will keep you captivated for a while, and one that is surely enjoyable.

I enjoy the art as well. Great work, can't wait to see more!


This game is one of the best games on NG. It's very addicting and it's good to play RPG's to level up and all such as this. Plus I find the options of gameplay very creative. I hope to be an artist for a game like this someday! It's hard to think it's 5.3 MB though... but anyway, great game, great work, and hope to see more!

Great Game!

It is awesome, there should be Madness Interactive 2 with more clothes, guns, and all that good stuff :D

Great Game!

I just wish you could play all 12 lvls on NG....

Also, I beat the whole game, got weapons like the Dragon Destructor, Metal Driller and all that good weaponry :D

Very good game!

I love the whole concept and idea to this.

Also Nature Boy is where you talk to a cactus.

Quite helpful.

Knowing you, you want NG to be a whole lot better. But it's great that you are doing this.
This and many other guides you've done has helped me get better at voting and stuff.

This here doesn't need any imporvements from what I see.

RohantheBarbarian responds:

Reviews like this make it all worthwhile, thanks.


This is a great game, both challenging and fun. Could this game have medals one day?

Time Fcuk...

It's a very game, it reminds me very well of Spewer, as an escape type game. It's awesome that it has a level designer, and that it has a lot of idea and thinking to beat the levels.

Two thumbs up, can't wait to see more.

Not the best but

It still deserves a fair rating. It's good you can make this stuff. But like alot of people said, it could be more challenging and have more levels.

Well done

It's very good. Im a fan of puzzle games.

Audio making on hiatus - art is currently my passion

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